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Parent Teacher Council

Welcome to the Parent Teacher Council

The PTC is an umbrella organization that oversees the activities of all Westfield school's Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs). Goals of the PTC include:

Maintain open lines of communication between the Board of Education, administration, PTOs and community
Provide a forum for coordinated efforts and sharing amongst the PTOs
Address community concerns as they arise
Work together to promote the best advantage for Westfield students

General meetings are held once a month. Attendees include representatives from each school, PTO presidents, PTC board, superintendent and Board of Education (BOE) representative. These meetings are open to the public. Any parent or resident is welcome to attend.

Monthly meeting dates for 2018 are 2/22/18, 3/22/18, 4/19/18, 5/10/18 and 6/7/18.