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Food Allergy Information

Food Allergy Program

The following guidelines have been implemented in an effort to minimize risks and provide a safe educational environment for students with food allergies.

Family Responsibility:

*Notify the school of the child’s allergy.

*Provide written medical documentation, instructions and medication

( if applicable).

*Educate the child in self-management of his/her food allergies.

School Responsibility:

*Review Health records submitted by parent and physician.

*Communicate to all staff that interacts with student regarding the allergy.

*Implement an Emergency Care Plan.

*Identify a rescue team in the event of an emergency.

*Educate students and staff about food allergies.

Classroom/school management:

*All classrooms have a list of students with food allergies identifying the allergen(s) for teacher/aide/substitute review.

*Food sharing is not permitted.

*All students must wash their hands before and after lunch/snack.

* When eating in the classroom, the desk top must be washed after eating.

* Students eating a food that a classmate is allergic to must not sit next to or across from that student.

School Celebrations: (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, International Celebration, Wax Museum and Field Day)

Menu must be approved by school nurse  in advance to review ingredients list for approval.