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Parent Information

Influenza-like Illness
Influenza-like-illness is closely monitored in each school. Parents are requested to call the main office at 789-4555 to report their child's absence and explain why. We are asking that parents give specific symptoms such as "fever", "cough", "stomachache", etc. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Outdoor Play
Our students will continue to go outdoors to play during the winter, weather permitting. If temperatures are above freezing (32 degrees), calm winds and no precipitation please plan on the possibility that your child's class will spend some time playing outdoors. Make sure he/she is dressed appropriately. Leave long scarfs at home as they can be hazardous on the play equipment.

Strep throat
If your child is complaining of a sore throat (especially when swallowing) with no related cold symptoms, it may be a bacterial infection. Strep infections of the throat can present with or without fever, mild to severe pain, very or slightly red throat. Some children complain of stomachache with Strep infections. A rash can appear on the soft palate of the throat. You should consult your pediatrician if your child has a fever > 101, complaints of sore throat pain for more than 48 hours, glands in the neck are swollen and if your child has a rash. Strep infections must be treated with prescribed antibiotics and the child should remain at home until a full 24 hour period of antibiotics has been received or if he/she does not seem well enough for school.